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Bay Area Motorcyle v. Truck Collision Kills One

Bay Area News reports that a Vacaville man who was injured in a motorcycle accident last week in has died as the result of his injuries. The California man was riding his motorcycle when he attempted to turn left into a driveway. A big-rig that was travelling north was unable to stop and collided with him. The man suffered severe head trauma, and subsequently passed away as the result of his injuries. The truck vs. motorcycle accident remains under investigation.

This fatal collision underscores the need for all motorists to share the roads and to keep in mind a few safety tips.

First, remember trucks need more time to break and respond to other vehicles and obstructions. Further, because in most cases the sheer size of the truck puts the other motorist at a disadvantage, it's in motorcyclists' and drivers' best interest to pay attention to when operating near trucks.

While it is unknown the factors at play in the recent Bay Area incident, it serves as a reminder to pay attention to the rules of the road and remember that trucks – whether operating negligently or well within the appropriate standards of conduct – need additional room on the road to help avoid serious personal injury accidents and fatalities.

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