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California Roller Coaster Accident Leads To Personal Injuries

According to KCRA news, four people have been injured in a roller coaster accident at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Reports indicate that the Ninja roller coaster collided with a tree branch, causing the front car to dislodge. Roughly 24 people were left handing in the air for several hours as crews tried to carefully remove the riders from the roller caster, which was stuck amidst the track and trees. The four people taken to the hospital suffered minor injuries.

While amusement park accidents are infrequent, they are frightening and often deadly when they occur. Last year, a woman died after she was ejected from a roller coaster in Texas. The family has sued Six Flags and the manufacturer of the roller coaster in a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you have been injured on a roller coaster or other amusement park ride, consulting with an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney is important to determine your next steps.

Claims for damages as the result of amusement park injuries can arise in several different ways. First, where the amusement park allows an unreasonably dangerous condition to exist and fails to adequately warn of the danger, the park may be held responsible for any injuries caused as the result. This may include failing to post clear warning signs or adequately warn patrons of the risks associated with a ride. Further, if an employee of the amusement park acts negligently or recklessly and his or her conduct injures a patron, the park may be found responsible for that harm. This may include things such as the failure to adequately inspect a ride or improperly operate a ride. Additionally, the manufacturer of a ride may be held responsible in a product liability lawsuit if a passenger is injured as the result of a defect or design flaw.

The accident remains under investigation.

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