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Liability For Amusement Park Accidents

Last week's roller coaster accident at Six Flags Magic Mountain has raised numerous questions concerning amusement park safety. According to reports, four people sustained personal injuries after the roller coaster hit a tree and derailed, leaving twenty-two patrons hanging in the air for several hours awaiting rescue.

Injuries including neck pain and knee injuries. An initial investigation reveals that a tree branch fell onto the track and obstructed the path of the train.

The accident remains under investigation and has raised several issues of liability. For example, what obligations do amusement park owners have to their patrons? What risks are acceptable, and what constitutes an unreasonably dangerous condition? When is it possible to seek damages for injuries sustained in an amusement park accident?

While all situations are different, amusement parks owners owe a duty to keep the park safe and free of unreasonable dangers. This includes ensuring that rides run properly and provide complete and accurate warnings regarding the dangers of rides. Additionally amusement park owners may be found responsible for injuries sustained where ride operators are not adequately trained, or where the rides are not properly inspected or where the rides are not run correctly.

Further, in some situations it may be possible to bring a claim for product liability where the ride is defective or has faulty parts.

Here, all of the factors that led to the amusement park accident and whether any liability exists is unknown.

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