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California Stage Collapse Leads to Numerous Personal Injuries

Investigators have begun looking into just what caused Saturday's stage collapse in an Anaheim Highschool. Reports indicate that the theater stage gave way while roughly 250 students were performing. 25 students sustained personal injuries including broken bones, bruises and scrapes. Investigators' initial impression is that the collapse occurred because too many people were on the stage, and the stage could not support the weight. However, whether other factors were involved is yet to be determined. The portion that collapsed was built as an "add-on" in the 1980s, raising questions concerning the integrity of this portion of the stage.

Further, it will be important to determine whether the school had an up-to-date permit, and whether the permit included a weight restriction or limit on number of people who could be on the stage at the same time.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Stage collapses can be frightening and deadly. One of the most widely reported stage collapse was the 2011 Indiana State Fair stage collapse, when the band Sugarland was performing. A wind gust hit the stage, causing a portion of its roof to collapse, killing 7 and seriously injuring 58 others. Several wrongful death and negligence lawsuits were filed as the result of this tragic event.

In this instance, the investigation is reported to take about 2 weeks. It is unknown whether investigators will determine potentially negligent conduct was involved – such as in the building or maintaining of the stage, or in the creation of a dangerous situation by allowing too many people on stage.

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