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Driver And Pedestrian Distractions May Be Factors In Serious Pedestrian Accidents

San Francisco news reports that a man has received serious personal injuries as the result of a pedestrian accident in in San Francisco's Sunset District at 20th Avenue and Wawona near Stern Grove. Ironically, the accident occurred while traffic officers were nearby on a "traffic enforcement crackdown" searching both for distracted drivers and pedestrians illegally crossing the street. The officers were staked out near the Civic Center - 4 of San Francisco's 7 fatal accidents occurred along VanNess.

If you or a loved one have been injured it is critical to speak to an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer right away. A knowledgeable accident lawyer can begin an investigation into the factors surrounding an accident and help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Several factors increase the likelihood of an accident occurring and by following certain safety tips drivers and pedestrians can help avoid serious personal injury accidents. A main consideration for both drivers and pedestrians is to limit distractions. This can include texting, talking on your phone, or even listening to music so loudly that you are unable to hear on coming traffic as a pedestrian, or that it impairs your ability to focus as a driver. In fact, any activity that takes your attention away from driving or crossing the road may lead to a serious accident.

As explained by one bystander, "Sometimes it's the pedestrians being oblivious because they are on their phone or whatever. Sometimes it's the drivers being oblivious or they are in a hurry."

In this instance, it is unknown what caused the accident to occur, and the investigation continues.

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