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San Francisco Hit and Run Accident Causes Severe Personal Injuries

Earlier this week, a major San Francisco thoroughfare in San Francisco was closed down following a hit and run car accident. However, the intersection of Geary Street and Van Ness has now reopened.

According to reports, police were notified of a vehicle collision in the intersection of Geary Street and Van Ness Avenue. A preliminary investigation revealed that one car was driving west and as it approach Van Ness, it collided with another car. The impact of the collision caused the second car to roll over, sending it into a traffic pole. The driver of the vehicle then fled the scene but was apprehended by police.

According to police, four females and two males were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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Here, witnesses told NBC Bay Area that a smaller car hit a van or SUV, which then rolled over several times. Some described the car as actually "flying in the air."

Witnesses also said they saw police chase the people who ran from the scene of the collision.

The circumstances of the collision remain under investigation.

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