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California Truck Accident Under Investigation

Truck accidents are one of the most devastating forms of motor vehicle crashes. Because of their sheer size, when trucks are involved the potential for significant personal and property damage is great. Recently San Francisco news reported that a frozen yogurt truck crashed into a Funeral Home in San Francisco, leading to personal injuries.

Reports indicate that the driver lost control of the 18-wheeler before veering across Market Street and into the funeral home. He noted that some sort of explosion occurred in the refrigerated portion of the truck, and that more than 150 gallons of diesel fuel spilled following the crash. Employees of the funeral home suffered minor personal injuries.

The accident remains under investigation, with several possible explanations concerning what caused the incident to occur.

If you or a loved one has been involved in any form of motor vehicle accident – such as a San Francisco truck accident or car accident – consulting with an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney right away is important to begin an investigation into all of the factors that may have played a role.

For example, when truck accidents occur a number of different factors may be implicated. While driver error is often investigated, a closer look may reveal that the trucking company itself pushed the driver to operate under dangerous conditions, such as with limited sleep or with too heavy payloads. In these situations, it may be appropriate to bring a negligence lawsuit against the trucking company itself. Other times, the motor vehicle – whether a car or truck – may have defective parts, such as tires or brakes. In these instances, a third party may be found liable in a product liability lawsuit.

Often, determining all the reasons behind a particular accident requires an in-depth investigation by an experienced personal injury attorney. Here, the factors that led to the accident are unknown and remain under investigation. For more information, or if you or a loved one has suffered harm in any type of motor vehicle accident, please contact our experienced San Francisco accident lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson for a confidential consultation.