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Aviation Accident Under Investigation

According to San Francisco news, divers have recovered the fuselage of one of the planes that crashed into the San Francisco bay following last week's midair collision.

The remains were located using an underwater camera. An explanation of the debris could yield additional information concerning the crash.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an aviation accident, speaking to an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney is important to begin an investigation into all of the causes surrounding a particular incident. Having the help of an attorney who understands the laws regarding aviation accidents is critical to recovering the compensation you deserve.

Several factors may be involved whenever an airplane crash occurs. Some of these include:

• Defective or malfunctioning equipment

•Pilot error

•Errors in plane/equipment maintenance

•Ground crew or flight crew negligence

Each of these circumstances can lead to devastating life-altering injuries, even death. Where negligence is involved, a skilled attorney can help you determine your next steps --- families harmed by devastating negligence deserve compensation for their suffering and assistance in moving on in life.

Here, initial reports indicate that the midair collision occurred as one pilot attempted to pass a companion flying another small plane. The pilot of the second plane was able to land safely, but tragically the first plane and its pilot have not been recovered, and the pilot is presumed dead. While the investigation continues, individuals familiar with the case wonder why the planes were flying so close together.

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