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Cab Driver Seriously Injures Two Pedestrians

San Francisco news reports that a yellow cab driver struck and injured two pedestrians, leaving one critically injured. The two pedestrians were working at a shoe shine stand in the financial district. A bystander noted that the cab jumped the curb and ran into the workers on the corner of Sutter and Sansome Streets. An investigation into the accident reveals the driver may have suffered a medical condition.

Whenever a serious personal injury accident occurs, it is important to investigate all of the factors that may have caused or contributed to an incident. For example, while here the initial impression may be that a driver drove over the curb, hitting the pedestrians, it is important to determine the reasons behind the crash. Was the driver driving safely but an outside factor created a dangerous condition? Was there a mechanical issue with the car, such as faulty brakes? Was there an unforeseen obstruction in the road? Or, if here there was a medical condition - was the driver aware of it? Had a doctor previously warned him of the potential driving dangers?

Each of these issues may affect potential liability, and an injured parties road to recovery and compensation.

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