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CalTrans Truck Debris May Have Caused Fatal Accident

CBS San Francisco reports that falling debris from a CalTrans truck may be to blame for the death of an elderly driver last week. A Mountain View man was driving on Highway 101 near San Mateo when he was struck in the neck by a large metal screw. A preliminary investigation by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) revealed that the screw may have fallen off of a CalTrans water truck that was traveling between jobs at the time of the accident. Investigators believe that a nozzle cap may have come off the truck, which was traveling south in the far right lane, and crashed through the windshield of the man as he was driving northbound in the fast lane. Reports indicate that these caps are typically secured by a metal chain. It is unknown how the cap became loose. As with any fatal car accident, several questions remain. If indeed the cap came loose, investigators will seek to determine how this happened - i.e. was the cap defective? Did human error or recklessness play a role? Have the caps loosened previously?

Many questions remain concerning this tragic accident.

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