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Numerous factors must be investigated when car accidents occur

A deadly car accident that occurred on California’s Highway 180 near Fresno is causing international controversy. The crash happened when a rental car driven by an exchange student from Thailand went through a guard rail and plummeted 500 feet into the Kings River below. The passenger in the vehicle was also a Thai exchange student. Both were presumed dead in the accident. Unfortunately, rescue efforts hand been hindered due to dangers presented by the raging river and weather conditions. However, the Thai families have expressed concerned over the length of time they have had to wait for rescue and recovery of the bodies.

Whenever a car accident occurs, numerous factors must be evaluated and researched. Here, several different factors complicate the analysis. First, it is unknown how the accident occurred. It would be important to conduct an investigation into all of the factors that led to the accident. Was the accident the result of driver error? Was the driver going too fast for conditions or was distracted? What about the roadway itself - was it properly maintained and free from debris? An investigation into the barrier itself is also critical. The guardrail was intended to provide safety and protection - was it properly maintained? It would also be important to look at the car itself, Were there any potential defects such as faulty brakes? This was a rental car, so the rental car company may have certain obligations concerning the maintenance of the car that could be relevant.

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