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Surge in Unnecessary C-Sections Causes Concerns

A recent study revealed that the most common surgery performed in the United States is a cesarean section (C-Section). In many cases, a c-section may be necessary. For example, in high risk pregnancies, or where the mother or child’s life is in danger. In these situations, if the doctor, nurse or other medical staff fails to act swiftly enough to perform a c-section, and a birth injury occurs, they may be held responsible in a medical malpractice action.

On the other hand for low-risk pregnancies, c-sections are often unnecessary and may pose potential complications for both mother and child. These risks may include maternal hemorrhaging and infection, breast feeding difficulties for the baby and an increased likelihood of breathing problems. Whether a mother has a c-section is often dependent primarily on the hospital she goes to to deliver, rather than the need. Statistics show that certain hospitals have a much higher rate of c-sections than others, despite serving similar demographics. In some situations, mothers can reduce their risk of having an unnecessary c-section by selecting a hospital with a lower c-section rate.

If you or your child were injured as a result of negligence during a c-section, this may constitute medical malpractice. For more information, please contact our experienced San Francisco medical negligence lawyers at Bostwick Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.