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Charges Filed in Fatal Truck Accident

This week’s fatal semi-tractor truck accident remains under investigation with numerous questions unanswered. The incident occurred when the semi crashed into several cars stopped in the roadway due to a traffic jam in Lakewood, Colorado, just east of Denver. 28 cars and 4 semi’s were involved in the accident, resulting in 4 fatalities. Another 6 people were taken to nearby hospitals were serious personal injuries. Initial reports indicate that the 18-wheeler was travelling at a high rate of speed.The driver has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. Drugs and alcohol are not believed to be factors in this incident.

The driver has stated that he tried to brake, but that the truck did not slow.

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous motor vehicle accident. Due to the sheer size and weight of trucks, when accidents do occur, they can be deadly. The cargo carried by the tractor trailers can also contribute to the dangers posed. If they are hauling hazardous materials, should a spill occur the potential for injuries increases.

Many factors will be investigated in this instance. Not only will the driver’s actions be scrutinized, so to will the conditions surrounding the incident. Did roadway conditions or defects contribute to the accident? Was the truck properly maintained? Were the breaks faulty? Was there any other issue of concern with the truck or it’s parts? Where the trucking company fails to ensure its vehicle is safe and operational, it may be held responsible when accidents occur.

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