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California Plane Accident Kills 5

The recent fatal plane crash in Southern California has raised many questions. Investigations continue into the causes. Was the accident due to pilot error? Plane malfunction? Or was some other factor to blame?

The incident occurred when a small plane crashed into a house in Yorba Linda, near Anaheim, California. The house caught fire, killing four people inside. The 75-year-old pilot also died in the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) explained that the plane had taken off from a nearby airport, then started a rapid descent. As it descended, the plane started to break up, before ultimately crashing into the home. Witnesses noted that the tail and other parts of the plane broke off as it fell through the air, with the plane's main cabin and one of its engines ultimately crashing into the home. One accident investigator noted that given the nature of the accident, an analysis of the metal and debris may be able to provide clues as to why the incident occurred.

The Los Angeles Times also reports that the pilot had been previously disciplined for a variety of matters, including lying about his credentials, flying in dangerous conditions, and failing to comply with maintenance inspections. He also changed his names several times in order to continue flying.

Where injuries, including wrongful deaths, from aviation accidents occur, negligence may be attributed to various sources, including the pilot, the plane manufacturer and potentially the regulators charged with ensuring safety. An investigation continues into this tragedy.

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