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Medical Malpractice Awareness Month 2019

Medical Malpractice Awareness Month 2019

Medical malpractice has become a devastating problem throughout the United States. According to the National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association (NMMA), medical negligence is responsible for over 400,000 patient fatalities each year – a figure that equates to roughly 1,200 deaths each day.

Statistics as staggering as these demand decisive, meaningful solutions, and the NMMAA has stepped up to help patients, families, and the health care industry at large engage in productive conversations about stemming the tide. Part of its efforts include the annual observance of Medical Malpractice Awareness Month.

As a law firm that’s devoted decades to fighting on behalf of injured patients and families who’ve suffered the most tragic of losses, Bostwick & Peterson, LLP is proud to support NMMAA and Medical Malpractice Awareness Month 2019.

Promoting Awareness

During the month-long observance, NMMAA and its supporters help address critical objectives to ending medical malpractice in America, including:

  • Increasing awareness about medical malpractice through educational resources, public outreach, and grassroots initiatives online and off;
  • Improving the level of transparency in U.S. health care, and enabling the public to see the true toll of medical malpractice, which is often underreported;
  • Sharing stories of real patients and families to “end the silence” and promote access to justice.

A Legacy of Proven Results in Medical Malpractice Cases

Though our legal team at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP handles a range of serious accident, injury, and wrongful death cases, we’ve cultivated a national reputation for our work in medical malpractice. Regarded among the most challenging, technical, and fact-specific civil injury claims, medical malpractice cases demand the attention of experienced and talented trial lawyers.

Over the years, we’ve proven ourselves as specialists in this field, and have helped victims and families throughout California, Hawaii, Colorado, Nevada, and other states after they’ve suffered preventable harm and losses as a result of medical negligence.

Our Partners, James Bostwick and Erik Peterson, have also amassed a record of multi-million, record-setting results, including:

  • The largest medical malpractice settlement in California history to date ($17M, 2019); the previous record was also secured by our firm ($14M, 2018)
  • The largest birth injury settlement in California at the time ($11.4M, 2010)
  • The largest birth injury award against the Federal government at the time ($8.9M, 1985)
  • The largest medical malpractice verdict in the nation at the time ($7.6M, 1978).

As a recognized leader in medical malpractice and birth injury litigation, our firm knows victims and families have many questions about whether they may have a potential case, and how they should go about seeking justice and compensation for their damages.

Because malpractice cases are so dependent on the facts and circumstances involved, we want to stress that no accurate answer can be given; a thorough review of your case from lawyers experienced in this area of law is needed. It’s why our team is readily available to speak with those who have questions about their rights and options – and why we offer free and confidential consultations.

Our attorneys encourage anyone with questions about a potential medical malpractice or birth injury case to contact us for a personalized case evaluation. You can find additional information about common types of medical malpractice cases on our website, including claims involving: