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Driver Distraction a Factor in Growing Number of Pedestrian Accidents

In the last few weeks, one person was killed and another sustained serious personal injuries in a pedestrian accident.  The first occurred when a woman was struck by a hit and run driver while crossing the street.  She died due to injuries sustained in the incident.  In the second, a 47-year-old male was hit by a truck and dragged underneath the vehicle for several yards.  He sustained serious personal injuries.  The driver of the truck was later arrested.  It is unknown what led to this incident.

In San Francisco and throughout California and the nation, pedestrian accidents are on the rise.  A recent study found that the number of pedestrian accidents has reached its highest level since 1990, with well over 6,000 pedestrians being killed in fatal accidents. 

The accidents occurred for a wide variety of reasons, including speeding, driving under the influence, and distracted driving. 

The report’s authors also cite the increased use of SUVs and smart phones as potential reasons for the spike in injuries and deaths.  Additionally, more and more people are walking to work, which creates more crowding.  The combination of more walkers, and increased distractions – whether drivers texting while driving or pedestrians “walking while distracted” – leads to an increased likelihood of accidents occurring. 

In order to combat this growing issue, many cities and municipalities are looking into ways to address pedestrian safety, including adopting legislation, making roadway adjustments, or changing driver/walker behavior.

While in many cases, the driver is to blame when a pedestrian is injured, several factors come into play in any accident, and must be evaluated to determine who may be at fault.  Often, more than one party is to blame.

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