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San Francisco Pedestrian Fatalities Raise Concerns

San Francisco news reports that several people were injured in a collision in the Mission District, including two pedestrians who remain in critical condition.

The accident occurred when a speeding car turned against the light, then struck a pedestrian crossing the street.  The vehicle then crashed into a bus, subsequently striking two people who had just exited.  Although the driver of the car and his passenger initially fled the scene, they later, returned.

He was later arrested for running a red light and two counts of failing to stopping for an accident when an injury occurs.

Earlier in the week, another pedestrian was killed when a pedestrian was walking on Highway 101 and was struck by oncoming traffic.  The level of San Francisco fatal pedestrian and traffic accidents remains a serious issue.  In 2019, more people were killed in traffic related accidents than in homicides or other violent crimes.  This includes 22 pedestrians killed while walking, and several others fatally injured while bicycling, skateboarding or riding a motorcycle. 

While San Francisco continues to grapple with improving traffic safety, if you or a loved one has been injured in any type of traffic accident, speaking with an experienced California personal injury attorney is important.  Accidents may not be straight forward, and several factors must be investigated.  In addition to the driver’s actions, other issues that may have impacted the cause and severity of an incident include the design of the roadway, weather conditions, and potential automotive design defects.

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