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Wrong way accident kills three

San Francisco news reports that recently three people were killed in a wrong way collision on Highway 1. The incident occurred early in the morning as the driver started driving northbound in the southbound lanes. The error caused a fatal head-on collision, killing two people in a vehicle travelling south. Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. These occur when cars (or other vehicles) traveling in opposite directions collide. Although you may suffer serious personal injuries in any type of car accident, statistics reveal that victims of head-on crashes are the most likely to be harmed. In fact, statistics show 58% of those involved in wrong-way/head-on collisions sustain fatal injuries. Further, head-on collisions are more likely to occur in rural areas than on urban streets.

Reasons for head-on collisions vary, but include drunk driving, distracted driving (such as texting and driving) and confusion. Regardless of how they occur, head-on collisions typically happen when one driver is on the wrong side of the road.

Other types of accidents in roll-over accidents, sideswipes, and rear-end collisions.

The incident here remains under investigation.

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