In-Home Care Abuse of the Elderly

California Elder Abuse Attorneys for Victims of In-Home Care Abuse

Senior in-home care services are becoming the popular alternative to nursing homes. This option allows seniors to remain at home, but still receive the care they need. A caretaker usually visits the elderly patient at their place of residence and responds to their needs. In-home services are an option for individuals cannot meet the needs of their loved ones properly. These services are also good for the elderly who want to remain independent, but need a little help.

However, as convenient as these services sound, they can be dangerous. Because caretakers come into the home of the senior, who are often alone, there is no one there to supervise the caretaker’s behavior. This leaves room for elders to be physically, emotionally, or financially abused. Because it is inside the home, it is harder to monitor the actions of staff and caretakers from the in-home care agencies.

If you suspect your loved one is being abused by their in-home caretaker, contact our California elder abuse attorneys at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP today.

How can I tell if my loved one’s in-home caretaker is abusing them?

Often abuse is not obvious or tangible. If you don’t pay close attention, you might never know that your loved one is being abused.

In-home caretakers are often tasked with:

  • Companionship
  • Meal preparation
  • Helping with household chores
  • Maintaining the patient’s personal hygiene
  • Providing transportation

While a good in-home caretaker can address these needs, a bad one can take advantage of the elderly. By failing to address these obligations or actively abusing the rights the patient, caretakers can exploit the elderly. Too often physical, emotional, and financial abuse and neglect go unnoticed because there is no one to supervise the caretaker and patient. Don’t let your loved one be a victim of senior at-home care abuse.

At Bostwick & Peterson, LLP we understand the importance of protecting our loved ones from abuse and exploitation. IF you believe that your loved one was a victimized by their in-home caretaker, contact our California elderly abuse attorneys today. Call now to schedule a free consultation.

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