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Were You Injured by a Defective Product?

The millions of products bought and sold every day are meant to be safe to consumers. Products must be manufactured, labeled and marketed in accordance with state and federal laws. Defective products, dangers that are not included on the label and false marketing can influence consumers to not only buy these dangerous products, but to place their personal health and well-being at risk. For example, if a drug does not have all of its side effects labeled, an innocent individual could be seriously injured from a deadly side effect causing injury, illness, or death. A dedicated attorney from our team can provide you or a loved one with powerful and effective legal representation if you have been injured by a product.

Types of Product Liability Cases

Our firm is qualified to represent you in such cases as the following:

Consumers who read all warning labels and use products in their intended manner should not be in danger of injury . Manufacturers, retailers and even advertisers could make false claims, fail to inform consumers of dangers, or manufacture faulty or defective products. Their failure to be responsible and exercise reasonable care for the safety of consumers is unacceptable. Our law firm understands what you are going through. Your trust has been violated and you have been injured as a result. Our legal team has won over $500 million dollars for our clients throughout our careers.

About Defective Products

Defective products are those that cause injuries to consumers who have read their warnings and instructions, and are using them properly. There are three classifications that the state of California recognizes for product defects:

  • Manufacturing Defects:
    These occur at the manufacturing stage of the product when the company neglects to make the product safe. This means that product is not safe to use or operate when it is being used correctly. For example, if a consumer is using a blender and the blade comes off the bottom injuring them then it may constitute a manufacturing defect.
  • Design Defects:
    This kind of defect means the actual design of the product makes it unreasonably dangerous. Small handles on knives, improper guards on power tools, and minimal guards on car jumper cables are good examples of design defects.
  • Marketing Defects or Misrepresentation:
    Incorrectly labeled products, inadequate directions, or false claims about a product are good representations of a marketing defect. Drug companies are often guilty of this as they neglect to properly label or report side effects.

The Benefits of Experienced Representation

Filing a claim for a faulty or defective product can be confusing if and should be addressed by a high quality law firm with extensive experience and a proven court record. Our law firm has over sixty years of legal experience and has represented hundreds of clients. We know how to properly research and file a product liability claim. What happened to you is unacceptable and we believe that the negligent or guilty party should be held accountable for all damages.

We advise that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can document your claim.

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