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Many possible factors may lead to car accidents

A distinguished biologist was killed and three other individuals were severely injured in a six-car pile-up in Petaluma. The woman taught at the Bodega Marine Laboratory, which is associated with UC Davis, and will be mourned by her students and colleagues there and across the world in Indonesia, where she frequently travelled to teach and study coral reef and ocean health.

According to reports, a driver travelling westbound on Lakeville Highway veered from its side of the road and into the path of two oncoming cars travelling eastbound. The biologist's car was struck first, then the other, with three other cars crashing subsequently. The driver of the car who crossed the center lane and his passenger were also injured and taken to the hospital for treatment. The incident remains under investigation.

While at this time, the official reason behind the crash has not been determined, several possible explanations may exist for this, or any other California car crash. The first may be driver error. Was the driver going too fast for conditions? Was he driving recklessly? The California Department of Transportation (CDOT) reports that distracted driving and drunk driving account for a large percentage of California fatal accidents. Was the driver under the influence? Was he using his cellphone? Another factor to evaluate is whether the car was properly maintained or if it had any faulty or defective parts. Other considerations include questions of roadway negligence. Was the driver forced to swerve to avoid a hazard or unexpected debris in the road?

Several questions remain concerning this tragic crash. Whenever an accident occurs, it is important to begin an investigation into all the facts and circumstances which may have caused or contributed to the incident.

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