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Dogs can be very dangerous animals if they are not controlled and trained properly. The animals have very powerful jaws and a vicious dog attack can lead to permanent disfigurement and extensive medical treatments to address the injuries and infections that result from the attack. Dog owners are liable for their pets' behavior, and are responsible to protect the public from injury and attack. Even if the animal has not previously exhibited aggressive characteristics, an owner can be held accountable for their failure to keep their dog contained in the backyard or inside the house.

Owners are especially liable in cases involving children, as their ignorance and natural curiosity puts them in greater risk of danger. If a dog attacked you or a loved one, it is important that you retain the counsel of a knowledgeable injury lawyer immediately after receiving proper medical care. Facial injuries, neck injuries, torn muscles, and other serious injuries are common when a dangerous animal is not properly restrained or fenced.

Effective Representation for Dog Bite Victims

Victims of dog bites often experience extreme trauma not only physically, but emotionally. The owner of the dangerous dog must be held liable for the injuries and all other damages. Owners who knew of their dog's aggressive attitude and possible history of attacks could face serious legal repercussions. Our concern for you will be addressed in civil court. We will all we can to recover the maximum amount of compensation. Our firm has won over $500 million dollars for our clients throughout our 80+ years of combined years in practice.

The stress of handling an injury and a complicated claim is over. We will work with you so your focus can be on recovering. The atrocities you endured are unacceptable and the negligent party will have to answer for their irresponsible actions. You need an experienced law firm to address the legal issue regarding your claim. The legal team at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP will evaluate your dog bite injury claim and can advise you how we will pursue compensation in negotiation or litigation.

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